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Top-rated APEX UV Printers

Apex Marketing Apex Technology 2016-03-10 16:54:30

Our digital flatbed printers can print designs of all kinds of materials, such as wood, glass,crystal, ABS, Acrylic, metal, stone and leather, also include the round items.

Today we will recommend you the daily used pencils, sports supplies, such as golfball & base ball, entertainment---poker chips.

1. For pens----Apex Digital Flatbed UV Printer allow to print photo quality, multi-colors photos, logos and text directly on various pens and pen clips, imported inks ensure the long ink durability and scratch resistance. UV LED ink can print all colors of pens with white ink. 
The matched pen jigs help us print multi pens per time, even with different artworks. You can not only capture the small minimum to 1 piece, but also the large orders up to thousands of pens.

2. For balls ----Apex Digital Flatbed UV Printer adopts gorgeous and colorful ink system, and unique designed golf fixture/jig, allows print high quality pictures, logos and text directly on dozens of golf balls at one time. 
Customized golf ball printer can help you capture the small orders, like company logos, souvenir for celebrating an event or occasion, family and friends customized balls. Etc, as well as batch printing up to thousands of balls.

3. For poker chips----Apex Digital Flatbed UV Printer allow to print photo quality, multi-colors photos, logos and text or numbers directly on various size, imported inks ensure the long ink durability and scratch resistance. This can help you distinguish the marks during the entertainment time.

Highlight features of our Apex UV prints.

·A. Fast and productive speed in low cost without limit for MOQ.

·B. Sharp colors,photo quality.

·C. Durable color resistance, anti-scratch/alcohol proof.

·D. Vivid small letters, but readable.

·E. Any color of materials even on dark with 3D textured print result.