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Apex UV6090 Performance industrial flatbed uv printer can print on almost any material directly

  • Auteur:Apex Marketing
  • Relâchez le:2018-03-22
APEX Flatbed UV Printer allows end-users to print on a vast array of art materials, corporate giveaways, and other flat or curved products: treated or untreated. This model is designed for industrial bulk production with high printing speed, which can print on almost any material directly.

*Auto Height Sensor: Smartly Detect the
*Distance between Media and Printer Head
*UV Light Brightness Switch: Adjust UV light Brightness to Fit Curing Needs
*Power Clean: Printer Can be Cleaned Even Without Connection to Computer
*Can Print on Almost Any Material Directly
*Ideal for Industrial Bulk Production with High Printing Speed
*Finished Products is Water Proof, UV Proof, and Scratch Proof
*Finished Product is Suitable for Outdoor Use

Apex UV Flatbed Printer Auto Height Sensor Function.
Anti Head-Strike Sensor: Avoid Collision of Print Head on your Substrate.
Water Cooling System: Water’s high specific heat capacity, density, and thermal conductivity, allows water to transmit heat more easily. So it can more efficiently cool down UV LED light, in order to prolong its lifetime.
Auto Steering / Shaking of White Ink to Avoid Ink Deposits.
Superb Media Handling
Equipped with Epson DX5 Print Head designed for UV Inks. Reliable brand with exceptional manufacturing capabilities.Epson DX5 (Nozzles 180×8) Printer head CMYK + WWWW
Max printing Size: 90*60cm.The finished product is suitable for outdoor use, waterproof, UV proof, and Scratch-proof.
APEX Can print on any material directly. Ideal for industrial bulk production in high printing speed.