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How To Check Heat Pressing T-shirt Printing Machine In the printing process

Apex Marketing 2018-02-24 15:09:34
Things to Double-Check DTG Textile Printer
Follow your system. Before hitting print, have proper checks in place to make sure you’ve loaded your garments correctly, and they are in the correct orientation.
Master Tip: “Post a checklist nearby so that none of the steps get overlooked. Make sure garments are centered and at the correct distance for collars, pockets, plackets, etc.”Verify that the data being sent over to the t-shirt printing machine is correct, this can mean viewing the RAW Data in the RIP or even printing a sacrificial shirt. Make sure that the prints are going to look as desired. Not just color-wise, but also size-wise.

More About Selecting
Get comfortable with saying “No” at times. Educate your customer that you are just saying “No” to bad quality, and not to them. Keeping a job journal and making notes at the end of each job will help you learn from mistakes. Use what you learn from your job journal to make changes to your “recipe” for that garment type. Keep the best techniques that work for your shop close to your t-shirt printing machine for easy reference.Always keep in mind that water-based inks do not readily adhere to poly or other human-made materials.
Master Tip: “If your potential customer is demanding you compete with screen-printing, and if the job is huge, the chances are that job should be done by a screen-printer.”

Heat Pressing Tips
Practice using less pressure than you may think. No matter which tshirt print machine you use, medium to light pressure is sufficient for most things. The harder you press the garment, and the more heat you use will increase your risk of texture issues and color shift.
Master Tip: “The ability to hover the press is sometimes necessary to get the pretreatment to absorb into the fabric.”When it comes to the final cure, You’ll need to look at the print and make sure the ink doesn’t seem too thick.  If so, then try hovering the press above the garment before pressing to prevent the ink from smashing down into the clothing.