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How to choose the LED UV Curable Ink for Apex Printers

uv led ink

Quick Details

LED-UV ink

1)Suitable for DX5 printhead

2)High accuracy, great density and very wide color gamut

3)Dry fast

4)Corrosion-resistant, Environmental friendly, without toxic material

5)Little heat, good for printing the transparent films

6)Long time standby

7)Great ductility, buckling acceptable

8)Good adhesion, resistant to boiling, resistance to alcohol

9)Highly chemical stability, shelf life of one year


Products Details-Notice

1)This product should be stored in black, airtight container, avoid direct sunlight, keep away from heat.

2)Need to keep out of the light in the whole printing process, the dampers and ink tubes of the printer should use black light-proof material.

3)Avoid contact skin when the ink is not cured, if accidently touch, wipe immediately with tissue, and do cleaning with soap, go to the hospital timely if skin sensitivity occurs.

4)Use Apex cleaning solution to clean the ink dirty, to avoid any damage to the nozzle please do not use other band of cleaning products.

5)Please shake it before use the white UV ink.

6)Keep the surface of the media clean and dry before printing.