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Pour presse de la chaleur
Pour presse de la chaleur
Presse chauffée
Presse chauffée
Pour les blancs de sublimation
Pour les blancs de sublimation



One reason people prefer UV printers for their signs is that we can print to almost any substrate they choose. While we can make signs with either cut vinyl or by printing to vinyl and then mounting to a substrate, printing directly to a substrate with a flatbed printer can actually produce a better sign in less time. Of course, that all depends on the substrates you choose.

There Are Many Substrates to Choose From

Flatbed UV PRINTERS work best when the substrates are completely flat. For that reason, some materials make better candidates to use for a sign. Because a substrate should be stiff, materials like plywood are good choices.

For example, thinner aluminum may not be ideal, because it’s flexible. But the article mentions DiBond, which is two layers of powder-coated aluminum with a polyethylene center. It also discusses using PETG, Lexan, and polyester sheets, among others. These all make ideal signs for different settings and functions.Woodworkers may love UV PRINTERS because it’s flat and stable, but it’s not flat and stable enough for printing. 

Questions You Should Ask About UV Printing Substrates

As you’re choosing the substrate for your UV printer jobs, your focus should be as much on finding the right materials for your particular application as on choosing the right design.

Rather than picking the least expensive option, ask about factors like durability, weather resistance, weight, and even how the substrate will affect the look of your sign. The color of some substrates can actually change the printed image, so take that into consideration during the design process.