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What is spot uv printing?

2016-09-12 15:15:42

Consumers who want a distinctive look for their printed materials can choose from a wide range of specialty printing techniques. Spot UV printing is one of the most popular because of its versatility, impact and low cost.

You may be surprised to learn, however, that spot UV printing isn’t actually a printing technique at all but rather a method for coating printed products. 

Although spot UV printing may sound futuristic, it’s actually a fairly simple process. The “UV” part of spot UV printing involves the use of UV light for curing a varnish placed on the printed material. Although printers can utilize this method on white paper or card stock, it’s often used on color-printed products to give the product shine, protect its color and keep moisture and damage out in order to preserve the product. 

UV spot printing is also environmentally friendly due to its lack of volatility. This essentially means that little or no varnish becomes a gas that can escape into the open air. With different techniques, printers can create different results with UV spot printing. Because UV spot printing works best with heavier card stock, it’s most commonly used to create premium business cards or printed flyers. The “spot” part of UV spot printing refers to the ability to apply this technique to only parts of a page if desired. Because spot UV printing can deepen the color of areas it’s applied to, this property should be weighed during the design of a product.


Because varnished spots dry immediately upon treatment with UV light, incredible precision is possible with this technique. This opens a variety of possibilities for incorporation of spot UV printing. In the marketing world, printed materials can be enhanced this way to improve mass appeal.

A wide range of customers appreciate the advantages of UV spot printing for many different needs. Of all the uses for UV spot printing, business cards may be the most popular. Amazing business cards can be created on a silk laminate base that creates a smooth texture and lends durability in the face of handling and moisture. Once spot UV highlights are added, a business card easily surpasses other cards in quality and presentation.

Primo Print is happy to offer a wide selection of high-quality business cards, including styles with spot uv coating on business cards. We now offer custom design services for your business card, brochure, EDDM postcard and additional printed materials. With the right touch of spot UV printing, business cards are more likely to impress recipients and generate positive responses.