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Che cosa è UV Stampa? UV stampa  è un' modulo di digitale stampa quello usi ultravioletto luci per asciutto o cura inchiostro come esso è printed.A...

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How to choose UV Printer?

Per pressa di calore
Per pressa di calore
Pressa di calore
Pressa di calore
Per spazi vuoti di sublimazione
Per spazi vuoti di sublimazione


Why UV Printing becomes so popular?

  • Autore:Elvina Dai
  • Rilasciare il:2016-08-01

The UV curing technology has been used in the printing industry for more than thirty years. LED curing technology for UV printers is taking place of old-traditional technology with compelling advantages of better economics, system capabilities, and environmental benefits. UV LED curing technology is rapidly becoming a new standard for UV printing for both full cure and pinning applications.

The narrow UVA output provides the highest curing efficiency and environmental-friendly at the time of providing a cooler, safer, and more stable output, allowing end users to print on a wider variety of materials with increased yield and reduced operating costs. Apex broad product portfolio includes solutions for all printing applications from small and wide format digital printers, digital and heat press printers, and others.The company has worked tirelessly to bring advanced UV technology to a huge variety of applications such as 3-D priting, 2D printing, robotic applications, Hardware printing, packaging, and many others.