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До 30%, APEX Ежегодный сезон скидок в сентябре сентября

How to choose an ideal DTG Printer?

Tks for visiting Apex at ISA 2016

Same Structure means Same UV Printer? Absolutely not!

How to choose UV Printer?

Tks for visiting Apex at Fespa Digital 2016

My dear friends, I was much happy to see you in the Fespa Digital 2016 and thanks for visiting our booth. And now I've been back to my company. How'...

Welcome to meet APEX at Fespa 2016

Dear friends, Welcome to meet APEX at Fespa Digital 2016! (Visit us at FESPA, T102, Hall 7) We would like to share you some new technology in UV digi...

Top-rated APEX UV Printers

Our digital flatbed printers can print designs of all kinds of materials, such as wood, glass,crystal, ABS, Acrylic, metal, stone and leather, also in...

APEX Digital UV LED Printer
APEX Digital UV LED Printer

UV Blanks
UV Blanks


Printing Jigs
Printing Jigs

Sample Video
Sample Video


APEX PhotoPrint DX Software
-Easy Operation
-Sai Approved
PhotoPrint DX
Water Cooling SystemAPEX Water Cooling System
Prolong the UV LED work in Double lifetime.
water cooling system       

Apex Stirring System Control
By continuously stirring of white ink via stirring apparatus, the white ink is always in a good condition.
Stirring System Control

The right ink does make all the difference.
The Led UV ink used in our UV printer is imported from Taiwan, which matches our printer perfectly upon continuously testing.  
 UV Ink

APEX - A New Rising Star in Digital Printing Field! 
After heat transfer and silk screen Inkjet printing onto garments, a new technology about digital printing which included DTG textile printing, UV led printing is becoming more and more popular. After two years of running experiences, from short runs or even one-off prints to large production runs, the Apex printer has been proven that they're nice affordable machines.

The "best" Printer is not the most expensive one, it's the one that you learn everything about, I bought the Apex DTG Printer and I've made 5x my money back in a year.Now it "print money legally".


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