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How To Master DTG T-Shirt Printing Machine Techniques And Matters Needing Attention

Apex Marketing 2018-02-24 10:29:56
Direct to Garment Printing (DTG) has become a red-hot manufacturing technique for creating brilliant custom t-shirts, custom printed kids clothing, canvas prints, and more. No matter which t-shirt printing machine you own getting skilled in the process takes lots of work. 

The process is easy to understand but can be tricky to master.
So, what separates the newbies and typical DTG operators from the real Masters of the DTG process? What do the Masters do differently?  How do they think and organize their shops differently than the typical users? We’ve asked the tough questions and collected research from some of the top experts in the DTG & t-shirt printing machine industry. Their answers and approaches to DTG may surprise you.

First, Know your Limits!
The most helpful thing you can do to produce excellent quality prints is to limit the scope of the jobs you accept. That’s Right. We find that most newbies or average level users fall flat here. They allow the customer to push them into production realms where they are not yet proficient.
The true DTG Masters give their clients a limited selection of garments which they have extensive experience.

Master Tip:“Since DTG inks are water based it is best to choose only natural fibers, cotton, bamboo, hemp, linen and other such fabrics.”Experts also keep good records of jobs they’ve printed, and they know which garments will print beautifully. They choose garments that will stand up to rigorous wash testing is colorfast and wears well.

They don’t allow the client to pick from some monster catalog.  They don’t play garment roulette, instead steering the customer towards the styles and cuts that will look best for your t-shirt printing machine. Bottom line: If you have never laid eyes on a specific model number; it’s best not to sell the job until you can test it.Another No-No is allowing customers to bring in their own garments.
The Master uv printers control their printed results by controlling the quality of the garment.

Purchase Additional Equipment & Learn Placements
Machines that have removable platens can increase output by purchasing additional platens. These printers can be loaded with the next set of garments while the machine is printing.
Master Tip: “Having an additional heat press can also help facilitate quicker turnaround – means less downtime.”

Most beginners start out by using their measuring devices to determine placement. However, you’ll want to develop a keen eye for alignment while the garment is still on the tshirt printing machine.
The most effective & efficient DTG operators have mastered placement & positioning. At some point with lots of practice, the measurement devices become more of a hindrance than a help.