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How the Weather Can Affect Your UV Digital Printer Ink?

  • Autor:Apex Marketing
  • Lassen Sie auf:2018-01-30
As you know, UV inks are specially formulated to cure when exposed to ultraviolet (UV) light instead of oxidation (air). These unique inks dry much faster and can print more vivid images than regular inks. But do you know the change of temperature and humidity can have a big impact on your UV ink? 

Normally when the temperature decreases, the viscosity of the ink will increase accordingly. Thus, the fluency of ink deteriorates and will lead to precipitation. Non-smooth ink will affect its performance when printer head is working. Meanwhile, it will make UV printer head feel “tired”easily. All those factors will result in flying ink when machine is printing photo.

Especially in Winter, the relative humidity will decline. Under a dry environment,except it will produce more static which is harmful to machine. Meanwhile, dry air will speed up the volatilization of ink. This will lead printer head clogging and if it last a longer time, it will reduce the life time of uv digital printer head.

To avoid above issues as possible, we have following suggestion for you:
1.Ensure indoor relative humidity at 50-80%
2.Maintain the temperature of printing environment around 18-28 centigrade degree
3.Use clean glass rod to stir the ink everyday when you power on the uv printing machine