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What is benefits of Toshiba CE4 grayscale print head technology

  • Autor:Apex Marketing
  • Lassen Sie auf:2018-01-30
Unlike conventional binary print heads, this grayscale print head technology of jetting multiple drops within one dot allows for an image to have 8 level grayscale, since each dot is created through a minimum of 6 pl to a maximum of 42 pl of ink. This enables the image to express near photo quality. Revolutionary single pass speed quality printing is achievable with its unique precise piezo process and driving technologies, offering accurate dot placement and jetting reliability. Compatibility with both UV curable and oil based pigment ink allows printing on various types of substrate, both porous and non-porous. The CE4 is packaged print head with chassis which provides built-in water channel and complete sealing designed for easy temperature control. This head is delivered in a sealed Toshiba box with a head ID, waveform and voltage. This uv flatbed print head carries a product warranty.

Apex has produced Toshiba CE4 digital uv printer with size 70*100m, 2.5*1.3m.
You could choose according to your demand.