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UV7110/1610/2513 Parts

China Step motor-Fabrik

Step motor

This step motor is used to control the movement of X axis and Y axis Mehr
China Lifting board-Fabrik

Lifting board

This lifting board is used to control motor up and down Mehr
China Power switch-Fabrik

Power switch

Power switch Mehr
China Relay-Fabrik


Relay Mehr
China Middle Relay-Fabrik

Middle Relay

Middle Relay Mehr
China Bereichsschalter (Anti-Kollisions-Sensor)-Fabrik

Bereichsschalter (Anti-Kollisions-Sensor)

Bereichsschalter (Antikollisions-Sensor)Mehr
China 2.0 system Range switch-Fabrik

2.0 system Range switch

2.0 system Range switch Mehr
China Temperature control meter-Fabrik

Temperature control meter

Temperature control meter Mehr
China Radiator-Fabrik


ADVANTAGES 1 Handwork TIG WELDED CONSTRUCTION by skilled welders. 2 High density fins and tubes to enhance cooling efficiency.  3 Strict quality contr...Mehr
China Toshiba Printer head CE4-Fabrik

Toshiba Printer head CE4

Toshiba Printer head CE4 Mehr
China USB-Kabel-Fabrik


Importierte USB-Drahtlänge: 3 MeterMehr
China Switch power Supply-Fabrik

Switch power Supply

1. Constant voltage style power supply 2. 170~264VAC AC input range 3. Small volume,low weight,high efficiency 4. Protections: short circuit/over load...Mehr
China Druckmessgerät-Fabrik


Dieser Druckmesser wird für UV7110, UV1610 und UV2513 verwendetMehr
China Negative pressure pump-Fabrik

Negative pressure pump

Negative pressure pump is used for UV7110,UV1610 and UV2513. Mehr
China Negative pressure system control board-Fabrik

Negative pressure system control board

This negative pressure system control board is used for UV7110,UV1610 and UV2513 Mehr