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UV7110/1610/2513 Parts

China Step motor factory

Step motor

This step motor is used to control the movement of X axis and Y axis More
China Lifting board factory

Lifting board

This lifting board is used to control motor up and down More
China Power switch factory

Power switch

Power switch More
China Relay factory


Relay More
China Middle Relay factory

Middle Relay

Middle Relay More
China Range Switch(Anti-collision Sensor) factory

Range Switch(Anti-collision Sensor)

Range switch(Anti-collision sensor)More
China 2.0 system Range switch factory

2.0 system Range switch

2.0 system Range switch More
China Temperature control meter factory

Temperature control meter

Temperature control meter More
China Radiator factory


ADVANTAGES 1 Handwork TIG WELDED CONSTRUCTION by skilled welders. 2 High density fins and tubes to enhance cooling efficiency.  3 Strict quality contr...More
China Toshiba Printer head CE4 factory

Toshiba Printer head CE4

Toshiba Printer head CE4 More
China USB Wire factory

USB Wire

Imported USB Wire  lenth:3meterMore
China Switch power Supply factory

Switch power Supply

1. Constant voltage style power supply 2. 170~264VAC AC input range 3. Small volume,low weight,high efficiency 4. Protections: short circuit/over load...More
China Pressure meter factory

Pressure meter

This pressure meter is used for UV7110,UV1610 and UV2513More
China Negative pressure pump factory

Negative pressure pump

Negative pressure pump is used for UV7110,UV1610 and UV2513. More
China Negative pressure system control board factory

Negative pressure system control board

This negative pressure system control board is used for UV7110,UV1610 and UV2513 More