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Trouble Shooting

Trouble Shooting

How to Maintain the printer head

1. If often printing, please do a cleaning and make a nuzzle test everyday to make sure the printer head is in good condition.

2. If less printing, please do cleaning three times every three days and make a nuzzle test to make sure the printer head is in good condition.

3. If not use the machine over 2 weeks, customers should remove the printer head and use the cleaning liquid to clean the print head and pack the printer head well. And stock it in the dark environment.

4. If the nozzle test is bad, please check the trouble shooting in the user manual, or contact local agent for help.


How to maintain the DTG Printer head

1.After each print,move back the printer head to original point andfill moisturizer liquid to cap top to keep head humid once not used in 2 hours.In the next printing, do cleaning and make a printing test to ensure the head status in good condition

2.If not used more than 3 days, wash printer head by using cleaning liquid and inject the moisturizer liquid into printer head to keep it wet

3. If not use the machine over 2 weeks, customers should remove the printer head and use the cleaning liquid to clean the print head, then inject Moisturizer Liquid to the printer head to make it humid. And pack it well and stock it in the dark environment.

4. If the nozzle test is bad, please check the trouble shooting in the user manual, or contact local agent for help.


More Request:

1. Use the good quality ink

2. Please keep the printer head, printer head cable, and all the connections are clean. If they are mixed with ink, please use the cloths or tissue to clean them with 95% alcohol.(Please kindly note: when you do the cleaning of the printer head or cable, please power on the printer.)

3. Please clean the printer head holder, wiper, cap top regularly as the maintain record form. And please accordingly rise the printer head when you cleaning the holder




Video Guide: https://youtu.be/BiUD0emou64



A Continuous use and maintenance requirements

 Daily Task

 1.Do a cleaning,check the nozzles.

 2.Clean up wiper and rubber parts of

   Cap Top.

 https://www.youtube.com/watch?  v=59vLBEtVMLY

 https://www.youtube.com/watch?  v=AVzehgadhKI

 Weekly Task

 1.Clean encoder strip.

 2..Clean the surface of UV lamp

 https://www.youtube.com/watch?  v=O7yFdrJotFo

 Monthly Task

 1.Add oil on XYZ slide rail

 https://www.youtube.com/watch?  v=21nWwTcqgCY

 Seasonly Task

 1.Replace the Cap Top.

 2.Replace the wiper.

 3.Replace the damper.

 4.Clean the UV light.


 https://www.youtube.com/watch?  v=nc6BBUzSQFA


 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A-  0cFJtlF2s

 Year Task

 1.Re place the carriage



A Discontinuous use and maintenance requirements

 With out use in a week

 1. Spray anti-rust oil to rails

 and wheel(X/Y/Z).

 https://www.youtube.com/watch?  v=21nWwTcqgCY

 With out use in a month

 1.Clean up ink tubes.

 2.Remove printhead

 wipe it with clean cloth and keep

 in dark place.


 https://www.youtube.com/watch?  v=OBaa5rW209c


 https://www.youtube.com/watch?  v=URml5hua-34


Consumable parts checking period



 SN.on sale


 Checking Period





 3 months


 Cap Top



 3 months




 Too Much Dirty

 3 months


 Waste Ink Pump



 6 months


Q1:The check list for nozzles when test strip not complete



 Do a small cleaning, press TEST to check the


 If there is more than10% breakline of a certain

 color, follow Step2.



 Replace the corresponding damper of the break

 line color.

 Do small cleaning, press TEST to print a test strip.

 Lf still exist the problem, follow Step3.





 Replace Cap Top.

 Do small cleaning and press TEST to check


 if still exist a problem, contact us.






 Bad test strip type

 Most possible problem parts


 One color bad

 bad damper


 several colors bad

 cap top need adjusting


 One color missing



 No ink at all

 cap top need adjusting




Q2:Display error when send a print job




 Check the control panel if it is as shown at right  pic. lf  not,  press LEFT back to main interface, as right pic.  Then resend  the print job. lf it is already the right pic do  Step2.



 Reconnect the USB cable, then restart the printer. If still  exist a  problem, contact us.

Q3:Printer can not be power on



 Check whether the switch in the back of

 machine is on and the indicator is lighted


 Check whether the circuits of scram limit

 switch is loosen. Besides, the carriage

should not be stayed on this switch.


 Check whether the red scram button on

 the front board is open. If there is any

 problem, please contact us



Q4:Printer is offline



 When the carriage is on the right side,

 check whether the right side lamp is on. lf

 not, please contact us.


 Restart the computer, pull offand insert in

 the USB, change the USB port, restartthe



 After step2, if the status of the printer is

 still offline, please re install the driver or

 contact us.


Q5 : Bad bi-direction printing quality

1.How to make sure that it is a Bi-direction problem?

When your printing happen to be with a double shadow like this:

You canchange the mode to Uni-direction. Ifthe problem is gone and the printing is like the following picture, then we are sure it is a bi-direction problem.


 The way to change into Uni-direction is like this:

    We began form its home page:

The buttons pressing order is:

2. How to solve a Bi-direction problem?

We can change bi-direction quality by changing the numberof “ Bi-direction H Adjust--一”The way to getto“ Bi-direction H Adjust一“ is pressing following buttons.

We Start from the below steps:

The buttons pressing order is:



Then you see the“ Bi-direction H Adjust一“. Generally the first number is“+4“

You can change the number by pressing the following two buttons:



choose a numberthen press“ enter“          Then the number is Saved.

press     to go back to its home page(oryou can not send a picture to print)


Save the numberto be“+4"first. Print a picture in bi-direction mode. Then save the numberto be “+5“ and printthe same picture again beside thefirst picture. Change the numberto be“+4““+5 “+6““+7““+8““+9“ one afteranotherand repeat printing.

Atlast printthe same picture inUni-direction beside those pictures.

Thetotal 7 pictures would belike this:



Findtheonefrombi-directionpictures whichlooks mostlike uni-direction and save the number For example, the“+7“looks mostlike uni-direction. Then save“ bi-direction HAdjust“ to be

+7“ and then go backto home page.


3. How to save this number for next downloading.

    When you reinstall the driver.this number can be changed.You can remember this number
    And change it back.Or you can save the settings for next time downloading.

   The way to save the number and all the other settings:


  The way to down;oad the number and all the other settings:

When we produced this printer, we had already saved all the right settings. You can download itfirst. Ifit doesn'twork since the number is changed, you can find the number yourself by

the front instructions.