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1. Do the packing content contains software?
2. What’ the different between the air cooling and water cooling system?
Water cooling system is much faster to cool down the UV LED. And its working noise is lower. Water cooling system is suitable for longer hour using, and large size printing, compared to air cooling, it will prolong the service life of UV LED.
3. Do any special system for white ink?
Yes, we do white ink mixing system.
4. What’s the damper?
Damper connects the ink tube and the printer head. It will stock some ink from the ink, and lower the pressure of ink. So it will help to protect the printer head.
5. What’s the consumable you recommend to take?
Dampers, cap top, wiper, and fuse. Some specific item, please contact online service.
6. Can this printer print on mug?
Yes, cylinder, conical, and cup with handle are all available.
7. Shipping cost?
Depends on your shipping address.
8. What’s RIP installation interface supported language?
Korean, German, French, Finnish, Dutch, Portuguese, Japanese, Spanish, Italian, English, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (traditional)
9. Software supported format?
10. Waiting for translation ......
Waiting for translation ......
11. Do this printer print white ink and color ink at one pass?
12. Need coating/ primer/ pretreatment solution before printing?
Only some material: Metal, glass.
13. What Jig or Mold can you offer?
Golf ball, iPhone 5. 6 phone case, and pens, etc, (Size is 40*60cm, its printable size is 38*58cm, about 15”*22.8”)
14. Do the UV4060/UV6090 support adjusting printing distance automatically?
15. Did this printer work with Photoshop, Ai, etc?
The UV printer comes with RIP software. RIP is a layout software, you can finish the design on Photoshop, then upload the image to RIP to do the printing.
16. How many colors of this printer?
Ink color is: 8 colors: CMYK+WWWW
17. can you suggest your Technique support?
By email, video or online meeting, training in our factory
18. What is the warranty for DTG printer?
Three months for print head, One year for entire machine.
19. Do customers can buy the print head from other companies?
Yes, customers can buy it from local market. Microtec supply it as well.
20. How long it takes for printing 1pc white or black T-shirt?
White T-shirt: about 1.5-2mins Black T-shirt: about 3-4 mins.
21. Can we use Photoshop software to work on DTG printer?
No. DTG printer shall be only used with RIP software, which is included in the machine package already.
22. Which motor does the DTG printer use?
23. Will the printed T-shirt be fade by hand washing?
We suggest washing on the reverse side of T-shirt and using the washing machine instead to avoid hand-rub.
24. Can customers buy textile ink from other companies?
Yes, that will be no problem. Our customers can also purchase textile color ink from Microtec and white ink from others like Dupont for better printing effect.
25. How to avoid the print head clogging?
The daily printing job is suggested. Also, please shake the ink cartridge every week to avoid generating sediment.
26. What is the model of print head?
Epson 4880 (DX5).
27. What kind of T-shirt material that can be used on DTG printer?
Above 65% cotton.
28. How long it’s required for pressing the T-shirt after printed by DTG printer Or curing T-shirt?
For pressing: 60 seconds, 160 degrees.For curing: about 4 mins, 160 degrees.
29. How much capacity of Pre-treatment Solution shall be used for printing one black T-shirt?
It’s suggested to use about 8g for a 40x40 printing size.
30. What is the package if order 1 set of machine?
For MT-FPD2-TS, the entire package comes with Machine body, 1pc 40*55cm clothing tray, 1set 4880 cartridge with resettable chip, 1pc chip resetter, 1set 4880 printer driver CD, 1pc 6 Angle Wrench, 1pc RIP Software, 1pc power cord, 1pc USB cable.For MT-FPM2-TS, the entire package comes with Machine body, 3pc 40*30cm clothing tray, 1set 4880 cartridge with resettable chip, 1pc chip resetter, 1set 4880 printer driver CD, 1pc 6 Angle Wrench, 1pc RIP Software, 1pc power cord, 1 wifi receiver.
31. How many sizes of Clothing Tray are available with DTG printer?
There are 4 sizes are available now - 30x40cm, 40x40cm, 55x40cm, 60x40cm.We also can develop other size as customer required, as long as it is within the printable range of printer.
32. How do u compare your printer with American and Japanese
Comparison of Capability/Price Ratio between APEX DTG printer and American (Anajet) and Japanese (Brother) DTG Printer . 1. PRINT HEAD The print head that Anajet or Brother used on the printer is more inclined to industrial level, that can print faster, but the costs are comparatively higher; while Microtec using Epson print head (same level as Anajet SPRINT series), though the print speed is slightly lower, our M2 can print 3pcs T-shirts (M1 6pcs T-shirts) at a time, which offsets the shortage of low speed on single print per pass. As to the printing quality, it’s almost the same as those printed by industrial level print head. Which means, you can simply get same result with only 1/3 cost (even lower) by purchasing our Apex DTG printer. This will be a good selling point for you and your customers. 2. TEXTILE INK So far, the best textile ink recognized in the industry is the white ink and colorful ink manufactured by Dupont. If you have concern about ink quality, we would suggest you to purchase directly from Dupont local agents. The textile ink used in our DTG printer is imported from Taiwan, which matches our printer perfectly upon continuously testing. Furthermore, the printing effect is nearly same as those printed by Dupont ink, whereas the costs of our inks are more competitive. 3. RIP SOFTWARE The version of RIP software can be different according to the printer design, but it won’t affect the printing quality. 4. EXTRA COSTS It’s well known that these U.S. and Japanese branded companies spent lots of money on marketing and advertising to promote their products. However, these costs are eventually shared in the sale price that customer paid. Base on above mentioned, we are confident that our Apex DGT Printer enjoys higher ROI (=return on investment) than the branded printer.
33. Do you know dimenzion of nozzles and how nozzles have one gun?
1 head have 8 ink channel , per channel 180 nozzles EPSON DX5 printer head.
34. Maximum material thickness in mm?
Max. 12cm, adjustable.
35. Head height sensor available?
It with upper limit sensor.
36. Maximum resolution?
User definable up to 2880*1440dpi(Recommend setting:1440x720dpi for color ink).
37. Maximum material size?
60*127cm (effective printing size: 60*125cm).
38. Maximum material weight?
Up to 40kg.
39. What’s the printer MAX. print gap?
40. How about the printing speed?
30” for A4 size.
41. Ink consumption?
USD1.65/sqm~USD2/sqm. (color ink)
42. What is the purpost for Cleaning liquid?
Used for routine maintenance, cleaning waste ink on the printer.
43. How to use the pre-treatment solution?
Only need use a clean cloth wipe the precoat on the material surface.
44. Which kind material need use the pre-treatment solution before we do the printing?
e.g.:Metal, glass, rubber, Aluminum board.
45. Which kind material can print with your UV printer?
Our UV Printer can be printed all color,It's direct printing any material,such as pens,golf balls,phone cases, plastic,acrylic,ceramic,metal,slate,wood,glass and leather,even small things like label, USB, key chains etc.
46. How many ink bottle in the ink case?
Six, four for CMYK, and two for white.
47. How many inks for one set?
CMYKW, 5 liters