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Multicolor 300mm A3 DTF Printing System With Double XP600 Print Head, Microtec DTF printer can produce high-quality prints with a range of colors, gradients, and photographic images. It can be used to print designs on a wide range of materials, including textiles such as t-shirts, hoodies, and bags, jeans, hat etc.

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Apex-UV series of inkjet ink is an acrylic system UV curing ink, which is suitable for EPSON piezoelectric printhead. This ink is widely used in rigid materials, bending and semi-bending materials, flexible and semi-flexible display materials. Applicable substrates include:

*polyvinyl chloride



*The ABS (Engineering Plastics Exhibition materials)


*The acrylic plastic

*The resin glass

*The polypropylene resin (PP) with processed surface

*The polyester resin (PET) with processed surface

coated treatment Metal, ceramic and glass

Apex-UV series of inkjet ink is providing good adhesion for the wide range of substrates, including certain plastics,special treatment resin glass and olefin plastics(e.g.PE,PP).

Apex-UV series of ink can be easily used in most of the EPSON piezo printheads at ambient temperature.

Apex-UV series of ink have the following good characteristics:

Good adhesion

Good flexibility

low odor

Good weather resistance

Good frictional resistance