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Maximizing Your DTF Printer's Performance: Precautions and Maintenance Tips for Print Heads

Maintaining Peak Performance: Precautions and Maintenance for DTF Printers with Epson i3200 Printer Heads

What's DTF? What's the advantages of DTF printing compared with sublimation printing?

Multicolor 300mm A3 DTF Printing System With Double XP600 Print Head, Microtec DTF printer can produce high-quality prints with a range of colors, gradients, and photographic images. It can be used to print designs on a wide range of materials, including textiles such as t-shirts, hoodies, and bags, jeans, hat etc.

APEX new arrival A3 size desktop mini UV printer

Industrial Printer-APEX largest UV2513 with Toshiba head

Impressive Versatility On Materials Up To 750mm in Height

The advantages of APEX UV Printer

How to choose 60*90cm UV printer?

Christmas Promotion-How to get APEX free ink

APEX RH series printer can print on uneven surface

APEX N4060/N6090 high precision printing machine

Heat Press
Heat Press
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 Address: 2F, Building C, World Food City, #9 Pinglang Road, Nanwan, Longgang District, Shenzhen, 518100, China

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  Overseas Agents

Europe Agents

  Country: Germany
   Name: Petar
   Company Name: O E M Distribution
   Website: www.oem-distribution.eu

   Country: Denmark
   Name: Lars/Lone
   Company Name: Name on it ApS
   Website: www.apex-jet.dk

   Country: The United Kingdom
   Name: Mr.Dai
   Company Name: UKCUTTER
   Website: www.ukcutter.co.uk

   Country: Greece
   Name: Spiros Tolios
   Company Name: OPTIGRAPH
   Website: www.optigraph.gr

   Country: Romania
   Name: Liviu
   Website: www.anemonacom.ro

   Country: Hungary
   Name: Laszlo
   Company Name: Colorposter
   Website: www.colorposter.hu

   Country: Slovenia
   Name: Ivica
   Company Name: Eltron plus
   Website: www.eltronplus.eu

   Country: Poland
   Name: Tomasz Gluch
   Company Name: CapriCorn

   Country: Portugal
   Name: Eduardo
   Company Name:
   Website: www.nobrinde.com/http://www.uvprint.pt/

   Country: Russia
   Name: Evgeny
   Company Name: Sign service LLC
   Website: www.sign-service.ru

  ☆ South America Agents

   Country: Brazil
   Name: Rodrigo
   Company Name: BR Group
   Website: www.brgroup.com.br

   Country: Argentina
   Name: Nicolas
   Company Name: ISD.S.A
   Website: www.isdsa.com.ar

   Country: Costa rica + Nicaragua + panama
   Name: Carlos
   Website: www.contimaca.com

☆ North America Agent

   Country: Mexico
   Name: Javier
   Company Name: JG Sublimaciones
   Website: www.jgsublimaciones.com.mx

  ☆ Asia Agents 

   Country: Turkey
   Name: Bulent
   Company Name: GFK Büro Makineleri Dijital Bas kI Sistemleri Ltd. Sti.
   Website: www.gfkdijital.com

   Country: Korea
   Name: Mr. Yang Sungmin
   Company Name: GiftOcean

   Country: Indonesia
   Name: Adu
   Company Name: a2tansri

   Country: Singapore + Malaysia
   Name: Eric
   Company Name: RHS Asia
   Website: www.rhsasia.com

   Country: the Philippines
   Name: Edward
   Company Name: ES Print
   Website: www.esprintmedia.com

   Country: Vietnam
   Name: Trung
   Company Name: Saigon Fullcolor
   Website: www.sgfullcolor.com

   Country: Israel
   Name: Beni
   Company Name: B.P graphic
   Website: www.bpgraphic.co.il

   Country: Qatar + Syria
   Name: Jamal
   Company Name: Digital Star Qatar
   Website: www.digitalstarq.com

   Country: Dubai, united Arab emirates + Saudi Arabia + Oman
   Name: Khaled
   Company Name: CMYK Print solutions
   Website: www.cmykme.com

   Country: Bangladesh
   Name: Mahbub
   Company Name: Photolab Trading
   Website: www.photolabtrading.com

   Country: Egypt
   Name: Sherif Magdy
   Company Name: SPARK CO.
   Website: www.alcanal.com