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Why Choose US?

Why Buy From Us?

Who we are?

APEX is the sub-brand of Microtec Technology Group that develops, manufactures and markets a new high Cost Performance Solution in Direct-To-Garment and UV prints industry.

As an dynamic brand, APEX is strongly backed by seasoned professionals with extensive experience in the digital printing industry.

Our mission is to produce high cost-effective machines and provide one-stop service, including full ranges of printing substances supply. At the same time, Apex is positively establishing distributor network all over the world by providing high Cost Performance machine and comprehensive service.


What do we do?

APEX develops, manufactures and markets digital inkjet printers and UV printer for the garment/ apparel printing industry and Sign Mark industry, gift industry, etc. Among its products are:


APEX Printer

Model no.

Printing Size

Print head


Ideal Applications:

Textile Printer


(A3 size)

Epson 1390  
(6 colors)


On-demand Production


40 x 55cm   
(A2 size)

Epson 4880  
(8 colors)


On-demand Production


40 x 110cm 
(A2 size)

Epson 4880  
(8 colors)


Industrial Batch Poduction


(A1 size)

Epson 7880  
(8 colors)


Industrial Batch Poduction

UV Printer


40 x 55cm   
(A1 size)

Epson 7880  
(8 colors)


Industrial Batch Poduction


Best Cost Performance Machine —— APEX

Comparison between APEX, Anajet and Brother DTG Printer:

1.      PRINT HEAD


The print head that Anajet or Brother used on the printer is more inclined to industrial level, that can print faster, but the costs are comparatively higher; while Microtec using Epson print head (same level as Anajet SPRINT series), though the print speed is slightly lower, our M2 can print 3pcs T-shirts (M1 6pcs T-shirts) at a time, which offsets the shortage of low speed on single print per pass.  As to the printing quality, it’s almost the same as those printed by industrial level print head. Which means, you can simply get same result with only 1/3 cost (even lower) by purchasing our Apex DTG printer. This will be a good selling point for you and your customers.  




So far, the best textile ink recognized in the industry is the white ink and colorful ink manufactured by Dupont.  If you have concern about ink quality, we would suggest you to purchase directly from Dupont local agents.  The textile ink used in our DTG printer is imported from Taiwan, which matches our printer perfectly upon continuously testing.  Furthermore, the printing effect is nearly same as those printed by Dupont ink, whereas the costs of our inks are more competitive.



The version of RIP software can be different according to the printer design, but it won’t affect the printing quality.


4.       EXTRA COSTS

It’s well known that these U.S. and Japanese branded companies spent lots of money on marketing and advertising to promote their products. However, these costs are eventually shared in the sale price that customer paid.


Base on above mentioned, we are confident that our Apex DGT Printer enjoys higher ROI (=return on investment) than the branded printer.  


Apex Testimonial:

The “best” printer is not the most expensive one, it is the one that you learn everything about, I bought the APEX DTG printer, and I’ve made 5x money in a year. Now it “prints Money Legally”.

—— One Asia Cilent of APEX

Apex’s Cooperative Service:

APEX never say no to customers, we welcome you to check any possibitily to achieve your own idears!”

—— Mr Bojun Li. Chief Engineer of APEX


APEX Production Procedure                  


The casing of Digital T-shirt Printer are disigned by CNC 3D software design and interior construction design. We purchased Level Calibration Apparatus to make sure the stability and precision of Printer. The Laser Cutting Machine and High Precision Lathe Machine design and produce machinery appearance and internal structure. In order to improve machine stability, the internal electric structure used with Imported High Precision Servo Motor System and Taiwan Guide Rail and Guide Screw.

Top Ten Reasons for buying Apex:


1. Developing Base and Scale.

2. Qualification Certification.

3. Production Facility.

4. Product Technology.

5. Constant R & D.

6. Quality Control.

7. Warranty

8. One-stop Service.