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How to Choose Different Brand Printer Head When Buy a UV Printer

At present, UV printer heads in the industry Epson, Toshiba, Ricoh are generally the most common brands. Nozzle life, Accuracy, Stability of these factors directly affect the use of subsequent equipment. The core is to look at the price of the nozzle, cheap nozzle is not good as expensive one. In fact, there are lots of customers who are not particularly understanding for the nozzles, so APEX here will popularize some of the UV printer nozzle tips for everyone.

From the print level, Epson's nozzle is the most finest, followed by Toshiba, then Ricoh. The colors printed by Epson printheads are more saturated because they have finer orifices and smaller ink spots, which improves the overall print quality. The Toshiba nozzle is second only to Epson, and Ricoh's nozzles are larger, and the comparison of the three types of machines will be more obvious.

We know that the print speed is determined by the fineness of the print head, the quality of the picture, and the size of the print format. The same print material, print pattern, and print format for comparison, Epson's print speed is the slowest, followed by Ricoh, and finally Toshiba. Toshiba nozzles print twice as fast as Epson.

Brand Toshiba Richo Epson
Model CE4 G5 DX5
Nozzles 636 1280 380*8
Printing Width 53.7mm 64mm 36.8mm
Nozzle Distance 84.5um 60um 20.4um
Dot Frequency 28KHz 60KHz 18KHz
Grey Scale 8 Level 7Level /
Ink Drop Size 5PL 7PL 3.5PL
Resolution 1440dpi 360dpi 1440dpi
Service Life 24months~36months 9months~18months 6months~12months

1.Printing accuracy: Epson fifth generation nozzle > Toshiba CE4 nozzle > Ricoh G5 nozzle

2.Life of the nozzle: Toshiba GE4 nozzle > Ricoh G5 nozzle > Epson fifth generation nozzle

2.Nozzle price: Ricoh 5 generation nozzle > Toshiba nozzle > Epson fifth generation nozzle.

4.Nozzle stability: Toshiba CE4 nozzle > Ricoh G5 nozzle > Epson fifth-generation nozzle.

5.Print speed: Toshiba CE4 nozzle > Ricoh G5 nozzle > Epson fifth generation nozzle.

Customers can choose according to their own comprehensive needs, Epson is a civilian nozzle, Toshiba and Ricoh are industrial nozzles. Toshiba nozzle is currently the industry's most cost-effective, also choose the most, while Toshiba nozzle two-year warranty, greatly reduced Later maintenance costs.

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