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How to Reduce the Negative Effects of Static Electricity on Apex UV Printer

2018-06-25 16:43:58
As we know, UV printer is kind of metal conductor, so it is easy to happen the electrostatic reaction effect. The static electrostatic has a great impact on UV printer, might damage and print head seriously. In order to eliminate the electrostatic reaction, ensure the longer service life of the machine, here are some tips for how to maintain the printer and avoid static.

1.Try to keep the indoor temperature stability and no fluctuation when operate UV printer, pay attention to the changes of temperature and working humility.

2.Use UV ink with higher viscosity when use UV printer, the anti-static effect will be better. Because the greater the weight of ink droplets, the smaller the electrostatic impact.

3.An important part is that we must do a good job in grounding line, the bottom line is better to the whole line, do not have connectors, good contact with the machine.

4.The relative working humility around the place that you place the machine should reach 40% to 60%.

5.In thunderstorms, do not open windows and doors to keep the work environment dry.

6.Wipe alcohol on the surface of the substrates to be printed with a non-woven.

7.Electrostatic brush can usually be used to solve the static electricity problem of UV inkjet printer.

8.Using a printer has a statics avoidance function to avoid statics automatically

Nowadays, APEX has updated a new type of UV printer with advanced equipment to prevent static electricity phenomenon directly:

New upgrade Carriage rail-Prevent static electricity phenomenon to be anti-inking

New upgrade Ink cart-Equipped with absorbent cotton absorb ink

New upgrade Back Carriage-Equipped with small fan absorb ink

Want to know more, please contact apex3@apex-jet.com at all time.