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  • Author:Apex
  • Release on:2016-09-26


Fine varnish can be sprayed on to the surface of card. When dry this gives a gloss finish and helps protect the printing underneath. The printing and colour work must be completed before this process takes place. Also, folding a package takes place after the varnish has been applied.

Different types of varnish are available. The most popular are oil and water based varnishes. In either case, the varnish takes at least two hours to dry. This may be a disadvantage especially if the card is being used for a package - as it means it can not be folded straight away.


Special varnishes dry almost straight away if they are exposed to ultra violet light. (UV light). The varnish is sprayed on to the paper / card in the same way as other varnishes. However, after spraying the card passes underneath UV lights which dries the varnish almost instantaneously. 
One disadvantage is that this type of machinery is expensive to purchase. However, it produces an excellent gloss finish to the card / paper.

Varnish is applied to card packaging in order to give it a gloss finish. It offers little protecting to the package and usually applied to give a ‘shine’ to the card. Varnish is also applied to pages of magazines so that they also have a gloss finish and gives the paper a quality feel.