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Tips on how to make sure the glass platform of APEX UV printer is level

  • Author:Christy
  • Release on :2018-12-25
As for the APEX UV printer, today we would like to share some tips on how to make sure the APEX UV printer glass platform is level.
(1) Turn off the machine and move the print head in these four corners to check if the space is about 2 mm.
It is necessary to check that the distance is about 2 mm, not more than 3 mm between the print head and the glass platform surface.

(2) If it is not possible to make sure that the space is about 2 mm. you can try using a 2mm thick card to check if the game is ok. If a 2mm thick card can pass through the space and a 3mm thick card can not pass through the space, the space should be ok.
Like this photo:

Tips: how to adjust the glass patform ---- you can adjust the four screws under the glass platform. As in this image (if you do not want to adjust them, you can uninstall the front cover or back cover before starting to adjust the four screws):

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