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UV Printer Normal Maintenance Methods in Summer

Summer is coming, the weather is getting hot, and APEX uv printer can work normally under high temperature environment. It is necessary to ensure that the optimal temperature and humidity are beneficial to the uv printer to work more efficiently. If the uv printer stops working due to temperature problems, even if it is a few hours, it will not be worth the loss. APEX now show you some methods.

1. Temperature Control
If the temperature is too high, it will cause some domestic uv printers to fly or pull the hair. It is recommended to control the indoor temperature. The uv machine should be placed in a cool, backlit corner to avoid high temperature and direct sunlight. The suitable indoor temperature is 19℃~32℃, and the humidity is 25%~70%. If the working environment of the uv printer is too hot, please install cooling equipment in the workshop.

2. Print Test
Due to the high temperature weather, the ink evaporates quickly. The UV printer starts to print a square of material every day to check whether the printing effect is normal, so as to avoid the nozzle clogging and damage the nozzle.

3. Power Off And Moisturizing
When the UV printer does not work for a long time, you can choose to power off and moisturize, do not let the machine in standby, so the temperature will rise.

4. Timely Cleaning
It is especially important to clean the interior and exterior hygiene of the UV printer on a weekly basis, especially at key locations such as the nose and guide rails. The position of the flat wire must be checked every day when it is turned on, and it is timely confirmed whether the surface is clean and the link is tight and not loose.

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