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What is the Differences between Newest Model N4060 and the old Model UV4060?

The difference between N4060 and UV4060 are as below:
N4060 is the upgrade version base on the UV4060. Add more functions.
→High precision 
→New design with personalized panel
→Ink dampers heating device to make the ink more fluently.
→Added ink suction cartridge on the printer head ink car to effectively prevent ink flying.
→Add one more UV lamp for curing the varnish.
The printer head is same EPSON DX5 as the UV4060. The max print size is 40*60cm also. Other functions are same as UV4060.
Here are more specification comparison for your reference.
 Model No.  N4060  MT-FP4060-UV
 Printer Head  Single Printer Head Epson DX5  Single Printer Head Epson DX5
 Max. Print Size  15.74*23.6inch (40*60cm)  15.74*23.6 inch (40*60cm)
 Nozzle Number  180*8  180*8
 Curing System  UV LED Water Cooling System  UV LED Water cooling system
 Max. Height  5.5''(14cm)  5.5''(14cm)
 Power  110V/220V,50/60HZ  110V/220V,50/60HZ
 Working Environment  20-28°C (68-82°F), HR40-60%  20-28°C (68-82°F), HR40-60%
 Print Resolution  Standard Dpi: 360*1440dpi  Standard Dpi: 720*1440dpi
 Printing Direction  Smart Bi-directional Printing Mode  Smart Bi-directional Printing Mode
 Printing Speed  About 180seconds for 360*1080dpi, with 400mm*600mm Size  About 180seconds for 720*720dpi, 400mm*600mm Size
 Software  SAi PhotoPrint D  SAi PhotoPrint
 Max. Media Weight  25kg  25kg
 Interface  USB3.0  USB2.0 & USB3.0
 Ink Colors  K C M Y W W W W/ K C M Y W W V V  K C M Y W W W W/ K C M Y W W V V
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