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Your Industrial Super Large Format UV Printer-APEX UV2513

Are you looking for a super wide UV printer for your business?
Check here to know more about our industrial UV printer UV2513, its maximum printing size can up to: 250*130cm (98.4''*51.2'')

As we know the most import spare parts on the UV flatbed printer is printer head.
APEX UV2513 equipped with reliable Toshiba CE4 printer head. It can ensure printer head longer life time as well as faster speed.
Meanwhile, we choose international RIP software: Sai photo print to ensure best printing output.

Other Key Features
*Industrial appearance with easy to operate panel
*Double curing UV LED
*Vacuum table is available
*Printer head temperature control
*Auto Positive Pressure Printing
*Operation system can support Windows 7/ Windows 8/ Windows 10

Dimension and Weight
APEX UV2513 is about 1650KG and 16CBM. As you see, Industrial wide format printers are not small, desktop-friendly devices. If you have a giant warehouse in a suburban, just forget it. But if you just have a small office just in the third floor in a busy downtown area, then you need calculate the space in advance. Make sure your larger printer is compatible with your environment.

APEX UV2513 is widely used for Advertising industry, Background wall, Furniture industry etc. It is designed for bulk production purposes and large size materials printing. Such as doors or glass, plate, banners, ceramic, Aluminum Board, gribble cloth, and other large size MDF board.