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How to DIY the Flatbed Printer into A Rotary Printer

360° Rotary Printing Attachment

Turn your APEX Flatbed UV Printer into a Rotary Printer in one quick step! Our new rotary printing device attaches quickly to the flatbed, allowing you to print up to 360° on cylindrical objects and also conical obejects, including bottles, glassware, candles, jars and more!


Simply attaches magnetically to switch from flatbed printing to rotary printing.

Maximize your imprint area by printing the full circumference of cylindrical objects 0.5" to 3.5" in diameter.

Rotary movement is driven by the operation of the printing bed.

Fits cylindrical objects or conicals up to a maximum length of 22 inches.

Interchangeable rollers are available to accommodate tapered objects like wine glasses.