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How to choose a suitable APEX UV printer for print work?

Silvia www.apex-jet.com 2020-02-25 14:27:15
The market of flatebd UV printers is booming and it is active in many industries. There are so many types and models in the market, how to classify them? And how to figure out which kind is most suitable for us? Infact, UV printers can be roughly divided into three categories. Here APEX would like to offer you some information:

1.Common using economical flatbed UV printer.It definitely is a smart choice for individual entrepreneurs and advertising companies etc. It supports a wide array of media with high speed as well as excellent images, what's more, it completely meets the requirements of producing with small quantities. EPSON DX5 durable printing head is normally the basic configuration,and we can evaluate the equipment of a manufacturer by checking precision of bi-directional printing, printing format and the print speed. For small UV printers, here are several printheads that can choose, EPSON DX5, XP600, DX7. Below is a comparison of these three printheads for reference:

The most recommended index print head is the EPSON DX5 print head. (Our small APEX UV printers are UV4060, UV6090, N4060, N6090 use a single EPSON DX5, UV6090B print head equipped with dual EPSON DX5 print heads for faster print speeds that meet your required speed. )

2.Industrial flatbed UV printer (large format UV printer) .It is designed for factories or companies that print with large quantities and large format. It is characterized by high resolution images and higher print speed and meets the industrial needs of repeated Extended Our APEX large format UV printer uses the Toshiba CE print head and Ricoh Gen5 print head, both of which are suitable for industrial mass production. Toshiba CE4 is for the limited customer budget and the Richo Gen5 printhead. The recommendation index is the Richo gen5 higer print head.

Our APEX UV7110, UV1610, UV2513 are equipped with Toshiba CE4, RH1610, Rh2513 print head we are provided with Richo Gen5 Print heads.Different cut it is Print head can he meet More customers request.

3.Original imported indusrrial UV faltbed printer.It is suitable for strong factories is group companies.It Adopt the advanced technology All over the world is the price normally is More of USD20000-USD30000 for small size, wide format is of USD40000-USD50000.

 We they should clear the uses of different printers before we to choose them then to take the equipment quality, after sales service of manufacturer such as well such as the price in consideration.Only in that way can we buy UV faltbed printer with reasonable price and warm service.