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Why APEX printers can keep good quality? Tell you four reasons.

Tonny www.apex-jet.com 2020-01-15 17:42:39
  Nowaday,more and more people join in APEX family.In past 2019,APEX has sold more than 400 sets of printers to all over the world.Especially in South America and Europeanmarkets,APEX is becoming one of the most popular printers are very cost-efficient and keep good quality for many years.

How APEXprinters keep good quality?

There will be four reasons.

1:APEX is a powerful and honest company.

APEX has been in printing consumzble field almost 20 years.The Factory occupies more than 15000 square meters,has more than 300 employees.As an expert in this line,APEX is renowned for the quality and reliability of its products and unrivalled customer support.

2.APEX insist quality comes first.

Quality control is also attached more inportance by us.For your information,every spare parts of our machine,especially for the heat platen should be tested strictly before assembling to the machine;all the machines are strictly tested twice under 200 degree Celsius for 20 minutes before shipping to customers.And there also will be testing report for each machine which can be found in the package.

3.APEX has a experienced manufacturing team.

APEX has a very professional technical team,including 6 engineers,every person have more than 10 years working experience in UV industry.If clients have any technical problem,our English engineer will offer you online service and guidance.

APEX has above 200 workers.It possesses 6 workshops for manufacturing UV printers machines,2 dust-free labs for fitting and packing,3 labs for producing Dye ink,Pigment ink,Textile ink etc.

4.Most zccessaries are imported from sonme good brand.

Most prats of APEX machines are imported.To make sure every accessaries can be good enough,APEX have carefully selected many supplier and finally decide to import those important parts from some big brand from all over the world,such as printer head,UV lamp,motor,USB cables and so on.

These four reasons could speak volumes for the good quality of APEX printers.

So,to choose APEX printers to develop your business is realiable.