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Nine Reasons for Why UV Printer Head Clogging

UV printer is a digital printing equipment, with nozzle inkjet printing, to achieve the formation of the surface pattern of the substrate. As the nozzle in daily production often used, will inevitably cause blockage, and now give you a brief introduction to the nine common cause uv printer nozzle clogging reasons.

1.The ink in the nozzle after the accumulation to a certain extent outside the hole will be blocked: the most common blockage, because the ink in the solvent must be volatile to the air to make the picture becomes dry, so the ink is a volatile liquid, at Volatile in the air and clear solid. Nozzle in the spray material to the fabric, there will always remain part of the ink around, this part of the ink in the air slowly drying nozzle will make it smaller or even plug the hole.

2. The piezoelectric crystal damage: positive nozzle can not spray ink, the general piezoelectric nozzle can be used for about a year, printing a lot of work in the factory may also use less than a year is normal.
3. The piezoelectric crystal fatigue damage: The phenomenon is the nozzle sometimes ink, and sometimes can not jet ink, especially when the ink jet volume (ie, when the dark color screen), "congestion" phenomenon is obvious, this time the best way is to replace A new nozzle.
4. The nozzle blockage caused by nozzle plug ink: the use of longer nozzle, especially in the inkjet task is not full often stop at night factory, the ink in the nozzle does not flow longer, easy to absorb in the internal filter Mesh or ink channel wall, so that the cross-sectional area of ​​the ink flow will result in less ink nozzle phenomenon.
5. The viscosity of the ink is too high or too low: the viscosity of the ink is too high to make the ink flow is poor, the unit of time the ink jet nozzle is not enough; ink viscosity is too low, that is too thin, When the transistor is sucked back into the air, can not absorb the ink, which is sprayed out of the air; both will cause the nozzle out of ink phenomenon.

6. The breakdown of the drive circuit: The original electronic components of the drive circuit aging and accumulation of too much dry ink dirt, may affect the drive nozzle voltage, resulting in no ink nozzle or out of ink instability.
7. The type of ink: some manufacturers due to improper control of the amount of ink drier, dry too fast, easily lead to ink in the external blockage, although you can clean, but cleaning time intervals more frequently, once a long time do not use the nozzle and not in time Protect the nozzle, the next spray painting may cause permanent damage to the nozzle.

8. Frequent replacement of ink: ink replacement many circumstances may not protect the nozzle, will also affect the nozzle inkjet state.
9. The use of the environment machine temperature and humidity: the general recommended temperature of 22 to 25 degrees, 40 to 70% humidity, high temperature and low temperature of the ink viscosity, ink nozzle will have a lack of ink phenomenon or paste, often mistaken Think "nozzle clogged".