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Personalized Customization for Phone Cases printed by Apex printer

According to the data statistics, nowadays China have more 1.3 billion population, mobile phone have more than 1.7 billion and it grows at a rate of 60 million per year. This number just about China, for the world that will be a more bigger number. Everyone hope they can have special phone so that they more willing to pay money for the decoration of phones.

Thereby, multiple production and personalized customization of phone cases make the market staged a entrepreneurship storm. It is reported that in 2017, China's mobile phone shell market value has reached 2 billion. We can see the potential of phone cases are huge.
With the trend of phone cases become more and more high-end, producer have high precision requirement for the products. The market position of UV flatbed printerfor phone cases are more and more important. Therefore multi functional, stable performance, high resolution uv flatbed printer become indispensable products in the market.

The Phone case printing machine which researches independently by Microtec Technology Co.,Ltd have ascendancy high quality, high resolution and high stable performance,make products more exquisite, color more bright. Print white and color at the same time,dry immediately after printing finished. Apex UV printers can print on almost all kinds of flat material directly: pens, phone cases, plastic, acrylic, ceramic, metal, slate, wood, glass and leather, even small things like label, USB, key chains etc. Beside, Apex UV printer UV4060 and UV6090 also can print on golf balls, bottles and cups, including the cups with handle. Printed effect and varnish printing make your products look more personalized and texture let your products have much more competitive.