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Learn More About Apex UV Printer Manufacturer

Recently, we found some other Chinese suppliers in the market, who copied the similar appearances of our APEX UV printer. They marked very low price and they sent many emails to harass our current APEX customers, this makes our customer very confused. So here we would like to clarify again, we Microtec/Apex are the only manufacturer in China for all APEX brand UV and DTG printers.

Like, EEC printer company was founded by our resigned sales person, who stole our customer info, products and factory pictures, etc, to use on their website. And we did get some feedback from some of our customers that EEC start to contact and harass our customers. For this upset and inconvenience, we are terribly sorry.
This company do copy our machine design, but as we investigated, they don't have professional technical department and factory. So for the quality of machines, inks and also spare parts, are totally different. Except the similar look, the printing quality and machine durability cannot be compared to our APEX.

When we noticed this issue, we explained this situation to our printer head, software and spare parts suppliers, had strictly discussion, and we signed the "Sunshine agreement" with them.
They understood us and promised that they won't provide any more spare parts to them. So even some customers bought their machine at quite low price, the after service will be a big problem.
Our APEX principle is "Quality comes first". We will devoted to improve and develop more promising products to our customers, especially our respectful agent. Also under vicious competition, we will never lower our quality inspection standard. 

Last but not least, we thank you so much for some of our APEX agents to share this info with us!
For future cooperation, if you have any market news or requirements for agent support, please contact apex3@apex-jet.com or call/ whatsapp/ wechat +86 13827254689 freely.