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Digital UV Flatbed Printer UV7110-Old VersionDigital UV Flatbed Printer UV7110-Old VersionDigital UV Flatbed Printer UV7110-Old Version

Digital UV Flatbed Printer UV7110-Old Version

  • Model No.: UV7110
  • Printing Size: 710*1000mm
  • Print Color: CMYKW or CMYKV
  • Print Height: 100mm
  • Print Format: TIFF, PSD, JPG, etc
The digital UV Flatbed Printer UV7110 is the latest UV machine in APEX company. This model is installed with 3~4 Toshiba head and designed for industrial bulk production with high printing speed, which can print on almost any material directly. With UV light irradiating during printing procedure, images on object surface are dry fast and Scratch resistance.

Equipped with TOSHIBA CE4 Print Head
High density nozzles, as many as 636, dot frequency is 28KHZ which will help to achieve a high print speed. Spray ink can reach 300 billion times without clogging and ablique, but with long durable life. 8 Levels grey scale, 5PL ink drop size, with a high resolution.

Certificated Ink
Ink is get supplier certificated, pass SGS certification. Without any components which may damage print head, which will prolong the service life of the printer head. And the ink is high density and wide color gamut.

High Precision Printer Head Base Board
Printer head base board is OEM by professional factory with high-precise process. Error is less than 0.01mm to improve print accuracy.
Stable Accessories
All accessories of the ink system are certified and stable working, without any chemical reaction with ink.
Professional RIP software
User interface is simple, easy to understand and operate. Efficient workflow, and excellent image handing, rich color management tools, professional color processing.
Printer Head Anti-Collision System
Printer head is installed with Anti-collision system to prevent any damage from accidents caused by human error or material deformation.

Various table option
You could choose to install glass table or vacuum table according to your production and economy requirement.

Equipped With TOSHIBA CE4M Print head
*Certified ink by TOSHIBA
*High precision print head base board
*Print head Anti-collision System
*Independent negative pressure system on white and color
*Double servo motors on Y axis
*Imported high performance rail guide and Towline
*Printing continue from the point of interruption

 Model No.  UV7110
 Product Name  APEX Industrial UV Printer
 Print Size  710*1000mm
 Printer Size  1700*1860*1370mm
 Printer Head  Toshiba CE4
 Head Quantity  3-4
 Print Color  CMYKW or CMYKV
 Print Height  100mm
 Curing System  2 * LED UV
 Print Format  TIFF, PSD, JPG, etc
 Cleaning System  Auto Positive Pressure Printing
 Interface  USB3.0
 Operation System  Windows 7/ Windows 8/ Windows 10
 Power Requirement  50/60HZ 220V(±10%)<30A
 Temperature/Humidity  68-82°F/ HR40-60%
 RIP Software  SAi PhotoPrint
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