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Why Choose APEX Upgraded New Function UV Printer N4060

With years of continuous development and improvement on UV and DTG printers, APEX is becoming Chinese top professional manufacturer  in the direct printing field. Now many companies start to copy APEX printers.
However, Quality cannot be copied. That’s why more and more distributors and end users trust and choose APEX
What’s more, we APEX never stop bring new models to customers.
Here comes our newest Upgraded New Function UV Printer N4060, with Epson DX5 printer head, can print almost all materials, like lather uv printing, mug printing, glass printing etc.

Outstanding Features:
▪ High precision
▪ Personalized panel
▪ Ink dampers heating device
▪ Max print size: 400*600mm
▪ Added ink suction cartridge on the printer
▪ The UV light source can be adjusted 
▪ Auto height measurement 
▪ Power clean 
▪ Can print on almost any material directly 
▪ Ideal for industrial bulk production with high printing speed 
▪ Finished products is Water proof, UV proof, and Scratch proof 
▪ Finished product is suitable for outdoor use 
▪ With Carry handle 
▪ The printing machine can print white color 
▪ Epson DX5  (Nozzles 180x8) Printer head 
▪ 1 Year Guarantee and lifetime maintain