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How To Solve UV Ink Is Not Completely Cured And The Surface Sticked, Make The Prints More Perfect

In the production process of UV Printer Printing, UV ink is not completely cured and the surface is sticky. As a result, the printing effect is not ideal. How is this phenomenon caused? How to solve this phenomenon to ensure print quality, here APEX share it for everyone briefly.
---UV Curing Light Source Power Is Not Enough

The UV printer’s UV Light Curing has three elements:

1.Spectrum, that is, the light emitted by a light source like UV lamp is the same as the absorption spectrum of a cured product.

2.Strength, that is, the light emitted by the light source is sufficient, can make the photochemical reaction of the cured product, due to the different properties of the curing agent (UV coating ink, glue) internal sensitizer, dose, the light transmittance of the main agent and the amount of agent And the sensory properties are different, so the curing strength requirements are different.
3. Curing Speed, the curing speed is too fast cannot complete the curing, and too slow, it will have an adverse effect on the cured material. Such as pattern cracking, poor adhesion and so on. Curing speed varies with different cured materials.

UV printers print speed is also caused by UV ink curing is not complete, the surface sticky reasons. This can reduce the printing speed or increase the power of the light source.

---UV Curing Lamp Aging
UV lamp is mainly refers to the lamp that can emit ultraviolet light. It emits high heat, because it not only excites ultraviolet rays, but also accompanied by infrared emission. The wavelength of light is concentrated around 365mm, and the proportion of infrared is due to different quality. Different lamp contents, normal domestic UV lamps are about 30% longer than UV lamps, while imported UV lamps have 40-50% content, but also have low heat output, long service life, up to 2000 hours, and domestic UV lamps only 1000 hours about.

As the electrode of the lamp gradually decomposes and the inner wall of the lamp tube is deposited, the transparency and the transmittance of the ultraviolet light gradually weaken. Therefore, the lamp tube of the UV printer should be tested regularly and the lamp tube should be replaced in time.

UV ink cures slowly
Photocuring refers to a certain photochemical reaction, such as UV ink or UV coating, which occurs under the effective irradiation of ultraviolet rays, so that the cured product is in a liquid state and is cured to form a pattern. This process can incorporate a photocuring accelerator, reduce the printing speed or find ink Vendor for solution.