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Why UV Printer Is So Popular

How do UV LED printers differ from other printing technologies such as silk printing? Its below key features make it is more and more popular and competitive in printing field:

1.Widely application
As you see, UV printer can print almost any flatbed material directly, such as glass, acrylic, stone, wood, ceramic, metal...and it even can print mugs well together with rotary attachment tray. It can quickly and effectively prints onto a wide variety of promotional products and media substrates, this is why more and more people want to have a UV printer.

2.High-growth ability
The versatility and practicality of UV machines are dramatically replacing the traditional technologies of traditional screen printing, especially it can meet custom-made trends well. At present, APEX flatbed UV machine has a compound growth rate over 38% per year.

3.Can support 3D texture effect easily
In addition to photo quality prints, higher amounts of ink can be jetted to produce texture or raised printing effects–thus providing dimension that can be seen and felt. Texture printing amazes people.

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