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Why shall choose APEX N4060 & N6090

  • Author:Lisa
  • Release on :2018-12-24
N4060 is the upgrade version base on the UV4060, It’s New ID design, add more function and similar price

This model is designed for industrial bulk production with high printing speed,which can print on almost any material directly. And can print on rotary Items .

*The UV light source can be adjusted
*Auto height measurement
*Power clean
*Can print on any material directly
*Finished products is Water proof, UV proof, and Scratch proof
*Max printing Size: 60*40cm
*Printing height: 14cm
*With Carry handle
*The printing machine can print white color
*Epson DX5  (Nozzles 180x8) Printer head

Add more functions than UV4060/UV6090 , check below :

New design with personalized panel

Anti-static device
Special for dry environment
And dry material surface

Heat temparature control
To keep ink flowing smooth
Against cold weathers

Added fan and vacums bar
To collect the ink particules
And dust in the air during print

Peristaltic pump
To control ink flow
And make speed adjustable

Add one more UV lamp for curing the varnish
More application checking

Check Special Fixtures

If you have any inquiry or need any technical support, please don't hesitate to contact apex3@apex-jet.com.