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Functions Comparison of APEX TX series and N series and UV series

  • Author:Cherry
  • Release on :2018-12-25

Functions Comparison  of APEX TX series and N series and UV series
Items\Model No. UV Series UV4060/UV6090 N Series N4060\N6090 TX Series TX4060/TX6090
Machine Picture

Printer head Epson DX5*1 Epson DX5*1 Epson TX800*2
Vacuum Table O(Extra Optional) O(Extra Optional) O(Extra Optional)
Electrostatic Removing Device O(Extra Optional)
Printerhead Heat temparature Control X
Additional Suction Device to collect flying inks near printer head position X
Additional Suction Device on Beam to collect flying dust X
Touch Panel X X
With Computer Monitor& Mainframe O(Extra Optional) O(Extra Optional) O(Extra Optional)
Extra Cylinder tray can be used X
UV Lamp Quantity 1 2 2
Max Printable Height 14CM 14CM 13CM
Max Printable Weight 25kg 25kg 25kg
Printing Speed 3'46" for A4 size 4' for A4 size 1'02" for A4 size
Machine Net Weight(N.W) 154kg/173kg 173kg/183kg 145kg/175kg
Machine Packing Weight(G.W) 205kg/285kg 285kg/295kg 245kg/265kg
Machine Packing size 146*103*88cm/156*146*89cm 179*116*80cm/179*154*83cm 180*117*81cm/180*161*82cm
Conclusion: Purchase Guidance
If you need machine at good price and want to print round shape like bottles, UV Series: UV4060/6090 is highly recommended.
If you want to print varnish, high precision effect and print mugs also, you shall choose N Series: N4060/6090
If you need fast printing speed for mass production and no need to print bottles or mugs, TX Series: TX4060/6090 is your best choice.