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Acrylic Tray for Nail Tools

Acrylic Tray for Nail Tools

  • Item Code: 90011021
  • L*W*H: 23.6" * 15.7" * 0.3"
  • Suitalbe for 27 pc/pass

Acrylic Tray for Nail Tools
High quality acrylic printing tray with 27 Nail Tool positions. Use this to position your 
Nail Tool before spray and printing process and slide into printer position. You can print any image you love on these Nail Tools, such as company logo, cartoon image, etc. Once software installation is complete and trays are received, a one-time calibration is required which requires INI margin alignment. Buy more print trays for a more efficient production! 


L*W*H: 600*400*8/600*900*8mm

Suitalbe for 27 pc/pass.

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