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UV Ink for EPSON TX800 Print Head Hard InkUV Ink for EPSON TX800 Print Head Hard Ink

UV Ink for EPSON TX800 Print Head Hard Ink

  • For UV Printer
  • White ink is available
  • With advanced anti-tack agents, smear-free
  • Vivid color, high color concentration,clear-cut halftone dot
  • Excellent adaptability, excellent on-machine transferring quality

This product is not a kind of thermal curable ink, with the advanced material and producing technologies, the quality of this product can reach the international level. For the printing of phone case, golf ball, pen, glass, crystal, wood, ceramic etc, this product is the perfect printing ink.

Acrylic, Metal, Glass, Ceramic, Wood, PC, PVC, ABS, PS etc Material


*Innocuous, low content of arom-hydrocarbon, harmful metal element free.

*High curable velocity, suitable to high velocity printing.

*With advanced anti-tack agents, smear-free.

*Vivid color, high color concentration, clear-cut halftone dot.

*Excellent adaptability, excellent on-machine transferring quality.

1. ColorWe have 7 Color C/M/Y/K/W/LC/LM

2. Light Fastness 7 to 8

3. Odor: Slight

4. PH: 6.5-7.5

5. Viscosity: 4-6cps/25℃

6. Flash Point100°C

7. Surface Tension: 20-24 Dynes/cm

8. Filtration Precision: 0.5μm

9. Media: Acrylic, Metal, Glass, Ceramic, Wood, PC, PVC, ABS, PS etc Material



1. Store in cool, dry and ventilated place, avoid direct sunlight.

2. The ink keep out of reach of children.

3. Avoid sunlight after open the seal, use in time and keep away from dust into the ink.

4. Use rising water to wash thoroughly if splash into eyes or direct contact with skin, go to treatment if severe case.

5. Don't mix ink with different brand and model.

6. If not use the printer for long time (more than 7 days), need to replace with cleaning fluid.

7. Consult your local dealer or company technician if happen abnormality case.

8. Expiry date: 10 months (sealed storage under temperature 20-30℃).

1. One Year Warranty

You can discuss operation and maintenance with our technician online support service by skype, QQ etc. Remote control will be provided upon request.

2. Lifetime technical supports

The technician will keep online. No matter what kind of technical questions that you may have, you would get a satisfactory answer from our processional technician easily.


1. Low MOQ: It can meet your sample display business very well.

2. Good Service: No any excuses for 24 hours service.

3. Good Quality: We have strict quality control system, good reputation in the market.

4. Fast & Cheap Delivery: We have big discount from forwarder and air-cargo.


Quality & Service: At APEX, our priority has been providing our customers with great quality products and superior customer service with no excuses.

Quick Lead Time: We’re dedicated to completing all orders in the fastest time with commitment.

Competitive Price: We continuously strive to find ways of reducing our production costs and lower the purchase cost for you.

Special Offers: in order to maintain our competitive edge, we are running special offers on our promotional products, consumable parts and customized services. Please contact our sales team to see how we can help you to save money.


1. Inquiry for professional quotation and patient communication.

2. Confirm the price, lead time, sample, payment term etc to complete orders.

3. APEX Sales will give you the PROFORMA INVOICE to you with details.

4. Customers make the payment for deposit via TT, West Union or Paypal.

5. Initial production will be arranged in terms of the lead time, we will inform customers in first time if any uncertain matters will happen, adjust the new lead time.

6. Middle production will keep you informed for the latest updates.

7. Customer make the payment for the balance before shipping.

8. End production will give you the tracking after arrange the shipment. If you need shipping by sea, we will also give you the photo for approval.

9. Order can be said “finish” when you receive the goods and satisfy with them and our service.

10. Feedback to Microtec about Quality & Service, Market Feedback & Suggestions, we can do better.

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