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The Difference Between UV Hard Ink And Soft Ink

  • Author:Apex Marketing
  • Release on :2018-11-16

As we know, APEX UV printers are available to print on almost any materials directly. But do you also know that different materials shall use special UV ink: hard ink or soft ink?
Now, let’s learn the difference between UV hard ink and soft ink to confirm the exact ink type that you shall order.

1. The scope of use:
Hard ink is mainly used for hard materials such as metal, glass, hard plastic, ceramic tile, plexiglass, acrylic, advertising signs, etc., or can be composite microcrystal process (some materials need coating treatment).

Hard inks printing:

Soft ink is mainly used in mobile phone holster, leather, advertising cloth, soft PVC, soft shell, mobile phone shell, flexible PVC, flexible advertising materials etc.

Soft inks printing:

2. Characteristic:
The printed patterns printed by the soft ink can be distorted without cracking.
While the hard ink has better adhesion for hard material, but it will have the opposite effect when applied to soft material.

APEX develops, manufactures and markets digital UV and DTG printer for the printing industry and Sign Mark industry, gift industry, etc.We also offer specific UV hard and soft inks to meet customers’different printing requirement.

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