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The difference between UV6090,N6090 and TX6090

  • Author:Apex Marketing
  • Release on :2018-11-14

Apex recently has developed 2 new series UV printer, our N4060/6090 and TX4060/6090 are updated based on our UV4060/6090. Our new printer are upgraded with many new functions. Now, let me introduce the difference between these printers.

I must emphasize that not only our UV series, but also our N series and TX series can print on almost all the materials, such as metal, wood, aluminum, phone case, artwork, leather, plastic, ceramics, stone, box etc.

UV6090(Epson DX5):

Key point: print rotary items

N6090(Epson Dx5)

Key point: 2 UV lights, which can cure the varnish ASAP, good varnish effect.

TX6090(2*TX800 printer heads)

Key point:1.5 times faster printing speed than UV6090 and N6090.

New function for N6090 and TX6090 are as follows:

1. Has an ink suction device on the beam. It can protect the ink from re-bouncing up to the beam when printing

2. Anti-static device( In dry country, it easy caused static when printing, but anti-device can avoid this to protect the ink image and printer head from being ruined during long use)

3. Added a new UV light which can help expedite the varnish cure

4. Damper heating device, which is suit for cold country to help ink has a good fluency when at cold environment

5. Add a fan device on the beam, it suit for not clean environment. The fan can absorb the dust particles when printing at not good environment to protect printing a good images.

In order to let you make a happy purchase experience, we provide the following recommendation.

A. If you need machine at good price and want to print round shape like bottles, UV Series: UV6090 is highly recommended.

B. If you want to print varnish, high precision effect and print mugs also, you shall choose N6090

C. If you need fast printing speed for mass production and no need to print bottles or mugs, TX 6090 is your best choice.

Warmly welcome your inquiry. Our contact is apex3@apex-jet.com.