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Air Purifier For DTF Printing SystemAir Purifier For DTF Printing SystemAir Purifier For DTF Printing System

Air Purifier For DTF Printing System

  • Model No.: KN101
  • Input voltage: AC220V 50Hz
  • Input power: 120W
  • Filtration efficiency: 0.3μm 99.97%
  • Air volume: 260m³/h
  • Inlet diameter: φ75mm
  • Noise level: 50db
  • Machine Size/Weight: 44*25*50cm/16.5kg
  • Packing Size/Weight:
  • 52*34*54cm/15.5kg(Main unit)                                 
  • 49*34*28cm/2.6kg(accessory box)

                   Microtec air purifier is a device that helps to improve the air quality in a room by removing pollutants and contaminants such as dust, smoke, and odors.


In a DTF printing system, an air purifier is used to ensure that the air in the printing environment is clean and free of contaminants that could affect the quality of the prints.


With high-efficiency air filters, activated carbon filters, and adjustable fan speeds, an air purifier is a cost-effective and easy-to-use solution for improving the air quality in a printing environment.

Efficient Filtration: The air purifier is designed to effectively filter out tiny particles of size 0.3μm with a filtration efficiency of 99.97%. This helps to ensure that the air around the printing area is clean and free of harmful pollutants.



High Airflow: The air purifier has a high airflow rate of 260m³/h, which means that it can circulate and purify a large volume of air within a short amount of time.



Low Noise Level: The air purifier operates at a low noise level of 50db, ensuring that it does not disturb the working environment.



Multiple Filters: The air purifier is equipped with multiple filters, including a pre-filter, a HEPA filter, and an activated carbon filter. This ensures that the air is thoroughly purified and free of dust, pollen, and odors.



Energy Efficient: The air purifier has an input power of 120W, making it energy efficient and cost-effective.



 Product name Air Purifier
 Input voltage AC220V 50Hz
 Input power 120W
 Filtration efficiency 0.3μm 99.97%
 Air volume 260m³/h
 Inlet diameter φ75mm
 Noise level 50db
 Machine Size/Weight 44*25*50cm/16.5kg
 Packing Size/Weight 52*34*54cm/15.5kg(Main unit) + 49*34*28cm/2.6kg(accessory box)

* 1 Year Warranty.
*  Lifetime online support on machine maintenance.


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