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DTG Printer-NDTG6090BDTG Printer-NDTG6090BDTG Printer-NDTG6090BDTG Printer-NDTG6090B

DTG Printer-NDTG6090B

  • Model No.: NDTG6090B
  • Printer Head:2pcs Epson DX5 Print Head
  • Machine Type:Direct To Garment FlatBed Printer
  • Print Resolution:Max Dpi: 720*2880dpi  16pass
  • Max. Print Gap:4cm
  • Print Quality:True Photographic Quality
  • Interface:USB3.0
  • Machine Size:141*176*85cm

NDTG6090B printer is made from high-end materials that have passed inspection. DTG6090B is a durable double-platen ormultiple- platen garment printer, its maximum platform size is 600*900mm. It produces the highest quality images on many types of garments, especially 100% cotton andhigh-cotton blend t-shirts. Combined with Apex-jet PhotoPrint software, thisprinter isan easy-to-use and easy-to-maintain industrial garment printer.

· Auto height measurement
· Power clean
· Print 1-4 clothes at one time
· 2pcs Epson DX5  (Nozzles 180x8) Printer head

Cloths Tray Option:

2*524mm*408.9mm Cloths Tray
(Or 4*408.9mm*236.5mm ClothsTray)
(Or 2*408.9mm*236.5mm ClothsTray+1*524mm*408.9mm Tray)


Price Includes: 


NDTG6090B Printer,SAi PhotoPrint DX software, Inner six angle wrench, Small screwdriver, Ink absorption mat, USB cable, Syringes, Damper, User manual, Wiper, Wiper Blade, Mainboard fuse, Replace screws and nuts, Cloths trays



Printing Speed:





 Model No.  NDTG6090B
 Materials to Print  Light color & dark color textile, above 80% cotton, etc
 Max. Print Format  23.62"*35.43"(60*90cm)
 Max. Print Gap  4cm
 Power Requirement  50/60HZ 220V(±10%)/50/60HZ 110V(±10%); 380W
 Power Requirement  50/60HZ   220V(±10%)<20A
 Temperature/Humidity  20 ~ 28 ℃/ 68-82℉  HR40-60%
 Print Head  2pcs Epson DX5 Print Head
 Print Resolution  Max Dpi: 720*2880dpi  16pass
 RIP Software  SAi PhotoPrint
 Print Quality  True Photographic Quality
 Languages  English/German/Italian/Spanish/French/Japanese.etc
 Operation System  Windows 7 /Windows 8 /Windows10
 Ink Type  Textile ink
 Ink System  CISS Built Inside With Ink Bottle
 Ink Consumption  30ml/SQM.
 Interface  USB3.0
 Working Environment  20-28 degrees
 Machine Size  141*176*85cm
 Packing Size  Wooden Case
 Media Feeding System  Manual
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