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Digital Flatbed UV Printer UV6090Digital Flatbed UV Printer UV6090Digital Flatbed UV Printer UV6090Digital Flatbed UV Printer UV6090

Digital Flatbed UV Printer UV6090

  • Model NO .: UV6090
  • Machine type: Automatic, Flatbed, UV LED lamp, Digital printer
  • Max. Print size: 23.62 "* 35.43" (60 * 90 cm)
  • Max. Print opening: 14cm
  • RIP software: PhotoPrint RIP
  • Software language: English / Chinese

APEX UV6090 digital UV flatbed printer is the super classic UV machine with excellent design. It is our classic UV series with clean, automatic height detector, water cooling system, UV light adjustable, etc functions.

This model uses Epson DX5 printhead it can print on any flat material and round objects such as bottles, mugs, pens, golf balls, acrylic, wood, metal, crystal, plastic, phone cases etc. With the Epson DX5 printheads, the print quality is very perfect in details, even human face print.

If you need a machine at a good price and want to print round shapes like bottles, UV series: UV4060 / 6090 is highly recommended whether you are using one bottle or mug uv printer, phone case uv printer, or acrylic uv printer, etc.

* Can print directly on any material

* Ideal for high-speed industrial bulk production

* Finished products are Waterproof, UV-resistant and Scratch-resistant Finished product is suitable for outdoor use

* Max print size: 90 * 60cm

* The printing machine can print white color

* Epson DX5  (Nozzles 180 * 8) Print head


    YOUV Flatbed printer Automatic height sensor function: Smartly detect the distance between media and print head



     Clean: Cleaning can be performed without connection to PC.


     Water cooling system: Due to the high specific heat capacity, density and thermal conductivity of water, water can more easily transfer heat. This allows the UV LED light to cool more efficiently to extend its life.


     Adjust UV light brightness: Adjust the brightness of the UV light to the curing needs.


    Special luminaires, bulk production: To increase the production of special products, Apex supplies specific luminaires that enable batch printing. Contact us now to customize your unique luminaires for special promotional items. 

     Vacuum table: 
     1. Consists of a typical flat, rigid surface with small holes to exhaust air under a workpiece, to apply varying vacuum between the desired workpiece and the table to maintain a clamping force. 
     2. To make the soft impression materials such as leather smoother and smoother, to get the best printing result. 

 Model No.  UV6090
 UV curing system  UV-LED water cooling system
 Materials to be printed  metal, plastic, glass, wood, ceramic, acrylic, leather, pen, bottle and cups, etc.
 Max. Print format  23.62 "* 35.43" (60 * 90cm)
 Max. Print gap  LED UV lamp (air cooling) / water cooling
 Max. Print format  24 '' * 41 '' (60 * 90cm)
 Max. Print gap  14cm (5.51 '')
 Energy consumption  380W
 Required power  50 / 60Hz 220V (± 10%) <20A
 Environment  20 ~ 28 ℃ HR40-60%
 Printhead  Epson DX5 (nozzles 180 * 8)
 RIP software  SAi PhotoPrint DX
 Software language  English / Chinese / German / Italian / Japanese / Korean / French / Finnish / Dutch / Portuguese / Spanish
 Operation system  Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
 Ink type  UV ink
 Ink color  KCMY + WWWW / KCMY + KCMY / KCMY + WWVV
 Ink supply system  CISS built-in with ink bottle
 Couple  USB3.0
 Gross weight of the machine  285kg
 Dimensions of the machine  156 * 146 * 89 cm
 Packing up  Strong wooden package with full foam

This Apex UV6090 UV printer is ideal with a good price and can be printed directly on any material, even round shapes such as bottles and cups.

The main goal of Microtec / Apex is to support all our customers, who can manage their APEX UV printer operations without interruption. So Apex offers FREE SPARE PARTS with a quantitative order and the following guarantee:
* Free lifetime technical support online for all apex printers.
* One year warranty on the whole machine excluding print heads
* Three-month warranty on consumables such as dampers, caps, etc.
* Five professional English engineers available to provide on-site service if customer needs (customers pay service fees, bear tickets and accommodation on site)

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