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Digital UV Printer RH1610GMDigital UV Printer RH1610GMDigital UV Printer RH1610GMDigital UV Printer RH1610GMDigital UV Printer RH1610GMDigital UV Printer RH1610GMDigital UV Printer RH1610GM

Digital UV Printer RH1610GM

  • 2 in 1 multi-function platforms
  • Print size: left side 800*1000mm + right side 600*800mm
  • Print height: left side 0~100mm + right side 0~750mm
  • Right side equipped with 65cm height adjustable lifting platform
  • Print Size: 1600*1000mm
  • Print Head: Ricoh Gen5
  • Print Head Quantity: 3~6
  • Print Color: KCMYLcLmWWVV
  • Curing System: 2 * LED UV

Machine design advantages:
· Can print 0~75CM height materials

· APEX brand new 2 in 1 multi-function platforms UV printer offers you completely new personalized UV printing experience

· Left platform equipped with air suction device 0-100mm printing height (Max. print volume: W800*L1000*H100mm)

· Right platform equipped with 0-650mm height adjustable lifting system (max. print volume: W600*L800*H750mm)

· Durable parts for industrial production.
· Emergency stop switches make it easy to stop operation from any corner of the printer.
· The inside of Printer head has heating function, printing won't be affected by temperature, and no need water cooling system to keep constant temperature.
· Jet force of Ricoh GEN5 printer head is better than Toshiba, there will be no printing affect even space between 3mm.
· Printer is equipped with electrostatic air gun, infrared radiation and anti-collision device on the carriage.

Outstanding printing speed and quality:
· Industrial fast printing speed, only 15'06" for full size printing 160*100cm.
· UV curing ink can print in varies materials directly, it can get perfect high performance in color and productivity.

Machine structure features:
· Print Size:  Left Side 800*1000mm +  Right Side 600*800mm 

· Print  Height:  Left Side 0~100mm +  Right Side 0~750mm 

· Right side equipped with 65cm height adjustable lifting platform 

· Zero positioning assistant system.
· High-precision, high-thickness integrated platform.
· Equipped with vacuum table with Strong material adsorption, easy to feed materials.
· Automatic height measurement system.
· High-sensitivity collision avoidance system.
· Printer head with inner heating temperature controller.
· white ink stirring system.
· Print the color ink and white ink at the same time.
· Y axis adopts imported wire rod and guide rail.
· XY axis adopts high quality servo motor.
· Support the color ink, white ink and varnish oil synchronization output.

Printing quality and speed:
· Ricoh GEN5 prinhead has 5-8 gray scale piezoelectric nozzles, variable ink drop printing, minimum 7pl photo level accuracy, can clearly print 2pt fonts, the maximum resolution up to 1440*1200dpi. Head carriage positioning using a fixed linear grating to ensure high-precision print positioning.
· It has a high degree of printing characteristics, 6 pass bidirectional 13 square meters per hour.
· The maximum print height is 100mm, suitable for printing on glass, acrylic, wood, ceramic tile, metal plate, PVC plate, plastic and other materials.
· Save ink up to 30%-50%
· This printing speed is faster than normal Epson and Toshiba printhead printer, life-time is much longer as well.
· You can set different printing pass to meet your printing result.
· Auto Height Sensor: Smartly Detect the Distance between Media and Printer Head
· UV Light Brightness Switch: Adjustable UV light Brightness to Fit Curing Needs
· Auto Positive Pressure Cleaning System

 Model No.  RH1610GM
 Print Size  Left Side 800*1000mm/ Right Side 600*800mm (1600*1000mm in Total)
 Max. Print Height  Left side H100mm
 Right side H100mm+H650mm Height Adjustable=H750mm
 Multi-function Print Platform ·2 IN 1 Multi-function Platform
·Left Platform Equipped with Air Suction Device
·Right Platform Equipped with 650mm Height Adjustable Lifting System
 Print Head  Ricoh GEN5  (Nozzles 320X4), printer heads can be 3~6pcs.
 UV Curing System  UV LED Water Cooling System
 Materials to Print  metal, plastic, glass, wood, ceramics, acrylic, leather, pen, etc.
 Power Consumption  3800W
 Power Requirement  50/60HZ   220V(±10%)<20A
 Environment  20 ~ 28C  HR40-60%
 RIP Software  SAi PhotoPrint DX Plus
 Software Language  English/Chinese/German/Italian/Japanese/Korean/French/Finnish/Dutch/Portuguese/Spanish
 Operation System  Windows 7/Windows10
 Ink Type  UV ink
 Ink Supply System  CISS Built Inside With Ink Bottle
 Interface  USB2.0
 Machine Size  313*181*143cm
 Machine Weight  665kg
 Machine Gross Weight  1450kg
 Packing Dimension  377*199*176cm
 Packing  Strong Wooden Package with Full Foam

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