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Digital Flatbed UV Printer RH2513Digital Flatbed UV Printer RH2513Digital Flatbed UV Printer RH2513Digital Flatbed UV Printer RH2513Digital Flatbed UV Printer RH2513Digital Flatbed UV Printer RH2513

Digital Flatbed UV Printer RH2513

  • Print Size: 2500*1300mm
  • Print Head: Ricoh Gen5
  • Print Head Quantity: 3~6
  • Print Color: KCMYLcLmWWVV
  • Print Height: 100mm
  • Curing System: 2 * LED UV
  • Print Format: TIFF, PSD, JPG, etc
  • Interface: USB2.0

Machine design advantages:
· Durable parts for industrial production.
· Emergency stop switches make it easy to stop operation from any corner of the printer.
· The inside of Printer head has heating function, printing won't be affected by temperature, and no need water cooling system to keep constant temperature.
· Jet force of Ricoh GEN5 printer head is better than Toshiba, there will be no printing affect even space between 3mm.
· Printer is equipped with electrostatic air gun, infrared radiation and anti-collision device on the carriage.

Outstanding printing speed and quality:
· Industrial fast printing speed, only 15'06" for full size printing 160*100cm.
· UV curing ink can print in varies materials directly, it can get perfect high performance in color and productivity.

Machine structure features:
· Zero positioning assistant system.
· High-precision, high-thickness integrated platform.
· Equipped with vacuum table with Strong material adsorption, easy to feed materials.
· Automatic height measurement system.
· High-sensitivity collision avoidance system.
· Printer head with inner heating temperature controller.
· white ink stirring system.
· Print the color ink and white ink at the same time.
· Y axis adopts imported wire rod and guide rail.
· XY axis adopts high quality servo motor.
· Support the color ink, white ink and varnish oil synchronization output.

Printing quality and speed:
· Ricoh GEN5 prinhead has 5-8 gray scale piezoelectric nozzles, variable ink drop printing, minimum 7pl photo level accuracy, can clearly print 2pt fonts, the maximum resolution up to 1440*1200dpi. Head carriage positioning using a fixed linear grating to ensure high-precision print positioning.
· It has a high degree of printing characteristics, 6 pass bidirectional 13 square meters per hour.
· The maximum print height is 100mm, suitable for printing on glass, acrylic, wood, ceramic tile, metal plate, PVC plate, plastic and other materials.
· Save ink up to 30%-50%
· This printing speed is faster than normal Epson and Toshiba printhead printer, life-time is much longer as well.
· You can set different printing pass to meet your printing result.
· Auto Height Sensor: Smartly Detect the Distance between Media and Printer Head
· UV Light Brightness Switch: Adjustable UV light Brightness to Fit Curing Needs
· Auto Positive Pressure Cleaning System

 Model No.  RH2513
 UV Curing System  UV LED Water Cooling System
 Materials to Print  metal, plastic, glass, wood, ceramics, acrylic, leather, pen, etc.
 Max. Print Format  98.43"*51.18" (250*130cm)
 Max. Print Gap  10cm(3.94'')
 Power Consumption  3800W
 Power Requirement  50/60HZ   220V(±10%)<20A
 Environment  20 ~ 28C  HR40-60%
 Print Head  Ricoh GEN5  (Nozzles 320X4), printer heads can be 3~6pcs.
 RIP Software  SAi PhotoPrint DX Plus
 Software Language  English/Chinese/German/Italian/Japanese/Korean/French/Finnish/Dutch/Portuguese/Spanish
 Operation System  Windows 7 /Windows 8 /Windows10
 Ink Type  UV ink
 Ink Supply System  CISS Built Inside With Ink Bottle
 Interface  USB2.0
 Machine Gross Weight  1300kg
 Packing Dimension  467*227*170cm
 Packing  Strong Wooden Package with Full Foam

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